​Dony Trolley is Arab Health 2018 exhibitor to display medical carts. Dony Trolley presents hospital furniture trolley on Arab Health 2018. During Arab Health 2018 we provide best hospital carts and hospital storage carts for Arab Health 2018. Be an Arab Health exhibitor is our pleasure !

Dony Trolley is utility carts Taiwan manufacturer, we produces hotel utility carts, DIY Service cart, hotel trolley, hotel Catering utility cart, Hospital service cart,  Medical utility carts, Hotel cleaning service cart, hotel room service carts, hotel wedding banquet utility carts, the best plastic utility carts in Taiwan, we are the leading utility carts Taiwan manufacturer.​

We design and produce durable utility carts in Taiwan, 100% made in Taiwan. We can do OEM or OBM for your carts.  If you are looking for a cart making expert, don't forget to contact with Dony Trolley - the most reliable utility carts professional manufacturer ! ​

Our production of Utility carts

We, Dony Trolley, contribute our fully attention to carts making with an extensive range in mobile Utility Carts, mobile Medical Carts and mobile Tool carts manufacturer in Taiwan for decades. 

​​Leading mobile utility carts manufacturer Taiwan

Dony Trolley utility carts manufacturer production line
Dony Trolley utility carts manufacturer Taiwan

We Design, Produce, Custom made to meet your requirements on utility carts.

To differentiate the market, we enhance utility carts durability and simplify the assembling process, to make it Faster and Easier ! We understand time is money for all the companies, this is why people always wanting less-work assembling carts and make things easier.

We manufacture an extensive range of service carts, utility carts, tool carts, medical carts, innovative Connectable Platform Trucks, etc., which are wildly used on professional industry, tools storage, workshop, catering industry, hospitals, hotels, warehousing facilities, material handling purpose.

To assemble the handles of our plastic utility carts, you will not need any tools or screws to fix, just “one click”, the handle will be automatically connected and it is as tight as the one fixed with screws and hardware.

We make cart assembling easier today for you, You will make your customers happier with the carts tomorrow !

We are committed to supply Quality and Innovative products by continuously developing and exploring, we only provide you with the very best ones ! 

We manufacture Innovative Utility Carts in Taiwan