DTP-A305TU    blue color

New innovation

This new design will enhance

​your product line competitiveness 

Unique folding platform truck manufacturer


To solve buying different platform size issue

one for all platform sizes

 Three tier Adjustable & Connectable 

 platform trolley pull cart

  DTP-A205TB    black color

 Three tier Adjustable & Connectable 

 platform trolley pull cart


Taiwan origin

All materials and products are 100% made in Taiwan

Fence accessories 

There are many options for accessories to sort goods on platform

  DTP-A205TW    White color



Platform cart

More Platform can be 

new utility carts

 Two tier Adjustable & Connectable 

 platform trolley pull cart

Endless Extension version

Each platform can be connected to another one to enlarge load space

  DTP-A205TBW-2  black + white color

We can match your preferred colors on platform.

Let us know your Pantone or RAL color and let's create your own platform truck ! 

  DTP-A305TB   black color


  Multi-color & Unlimited size



 Two tier Adjustable & Connectable 

 platform trolley pull cart

 Combine with different colors & shelves 

 Adjustable platform trolley 

  The cart size is UP TO YOU !

Pantone colors                            RAL colors

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 Two tier Adjustable & Connectable 

 platform trolley pull cart

Same platform size as Folding Platform truck Extension version :   

With so many Innovative features we produce Adjustable and Connectable Platform Trolley to make it more convenient in using.

​We enhance Connectable Platform Trolley to be more flexible in size, can extend its platform size to be 2 pcs, 4 pcs, or more ! 

Our new products Adjustable and Connectable Platform Trolley gives innovation design in its flexible sizes, you can connect it into more platforms on the wide or long sides, just hook it then it can carry more loads ! 

  load capacity:

  optional 50~200kg(110~440 lbs) per platform 

  Adding the other one in a second !