Shelving Largest Utility Carts

Dony Trolley produces 2 tier largest utility carts and 2 tier service cart and 2 tier utility trolley in Taiwan.

​​What can LARGEST plastic shelving utility carts do ?

The LARGEST cart meas to load more stuff with spacious space. Strong and Super heavy duty largest shelving utility carts can be widely used as: Largest Shelving Service cart, Shelving utility carts, Workshop trolley, Restaurant cart, Tool storage trolley, Lab service cart,

Catering utility cart, Warehousing trolley, Material handling trolley, etc. 

Shelf color: Black 
2 tier largest Utility cart / largest service cart

Overall size (L*D*H):1100*500*970(mm)
N.W.: 12 kgs , G.W.: 14 kgs/CUFT: 4'  
Castors: TPR ( 2 swivels +2 brakes) 

See how easy to assemble this cart:

Super durable load capacity: 275kg per cart

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We can customize you preferred Largest Shelving Utility Carts' height and shelves, contact us !

Shelving Largest Lab Carts

Mobile Service Carts Manufacturer 

largest plastic utility carts factory manufacturer Taiwan

Super durable load capacity: 275kg per cart

Dony Trolley produces shelving utility carts, DIY shelving Service cart, hotel trolley, hotel Catering utility cart, Hospital service cart,  Medical utility carts, Hotel cleaning service cart, hotel room service carts, hotel wedding banquet shelving utility carts, the best plastic utility carts in Taiwan, we are the leading utility carts Taiwan manufacturer.​

We design and produce durable utility carts in Taiwan, 100% made in Taiwan. We can do OEM or OBM for your carts.  If you are looking for a cart making expert, don't forget to contact with Dony Trolley - the most reliable utility carts professional manufacturer !